UPDATE: TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! *NOTE* Seating is limited, only 30 spots! http://vanchipmusic.ca/chiplabs-feb-2019-tix

Vancouver chipmusic society presents a series of workshops geared towards learning the art of chiptune – using obsolete gaming systems to make music!

In this 4-part workshop series you’ll learn about the various approaches to chip music – whether using real gaming hardware by itself, or by incorporating the style into a modern music production setup.

WEEK 1 (Feb 7): Intro to Chiptune + Little Sound Dj – LSDj
WEEK 2 (Feb 14): Chiptune Sound Design
WEEK 3 (Feb 21): Advanced Chiptune Sound Design
WEEK 4 (Feb 28): Advanced Songwriting Techniques

1) What kind of knowledge is required?
– Some knowledge of basic music theory (Scales, Notes, Key/Time signatures, transposing) is recommended.

2) What do i need to bring?
– If you have your own game boy, bring it! otherwise, a Windows/Mac laptop and/or an Android phone is recommended, to be able to run emulated versions of the chiptune software.

3) How do I sign up for the event?
Go to the following link: http://vanchipmusic.ca/chiplabs-feb-2019-tix
The $20 fee will grant you priority admission to each of the 4 sessions!

4) Can I pop by into individual sessions?
You can, for $10 per session at the door! However seating priority will be given to ticket holders, so entry is not guaranteed. You should just purchase a ticket though, it’s way cheaper! 😛

5) Can I bring my kids?
This is an all-ages event, so yes! 😛